Residential Program

Each student in Year 9 spends 8 weeks living and learning in our residential program at Yuulong. Our campus offers us the unique opportunity to support the cognitive, creative and ethical development of our students.

Students learn skills during the residential program that will help them on their way through life. Apart from social skills developed through community living, students learn and apply physical, practical and outdoor knowledge and skills. These are often challenging, and deliberately so. Learning contexts reach beyond the classroom to their dorms, their community and the environment. The solo experiences, hiking expeditions, surfing and community activities all contribute to the rich learning context offered by the program.

The campus design provides appropriate space for the exploration of the goals of the residential program. The Student Development curriculum, which underpins the residential program, supports students’ progress in the key domains of identity, relationships and self-management within the broader conceptual contexts of personal mastery, community and evolution. The curriculum and the Yuulong landscape work in harmony to provide challenging and authentic experiential learning opportunities for students, supporting them as they make progress to the next stage of their learning journey.

On nearly 50 hectares with sweeping views across the Southern Ocean, the Yuulong residential campus, just west of Cape Otway, includes two student dormitories, the Commons – with classroom, communal spaces and kitchen – and staff accommodation.

The Yuulong program is designed to reinforce with students that the combination of deliberate instruction, challenging contexts and a willingness to give their best effort are the foundations for developing an authentic confidence in their ability to manage whatever challenges the world might offer them as they transition into adult life.

At our Yuulong campus, students develop the skills, competencies and capacities to become the best version of themselves. It is where they can engage with their place in, and be responsible for, their environment. It is where they learn to confidently engage with challenges as they transition to adult life.