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Ballarat Clarendon College regards life as learning. Everything we do is an opportunity to learn; there is no reason for being otherwise. A Clarendon education is embracing and explicit. We are very clear about what drives our decisions around teaching and learning and share this rationale with the entire school community. Nothing, for us, is co-curricular; all is curriculum.

A Clarendon education is about partnership. We are aware of the very real responsibilities that teachers share with parents and the community to facilitate openness, mutual trust and honesty.

A Clarendon education is for this time. We know that the future of individuals and communities is dependent on the power of young people to participate, to lead, to think about values and beliefs, to make decisions, and to make mistakes. We empower them to recover from these mistakes, to learn and to grow.

At Ballarat Clarendon College, we are driven to help students understand the depth of their personal resources and their capacity for change. A Clarendon education is passionate, daring, clear, sharp, authentic and fun. 


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We make learning and life nothing short of extraordinary.

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