Early Learning Centre

In the Early Learning Centre, our focus is on the development of the whole child. Our social and physical environment is one in which children feel inspired and motivated; an environment where they feel safe, secure and confident to actively engage in experiences and explore their surroundings.

Our teaching and learning philosophy, derived from progressive educational theorists, is founded on the belief that a holistic and inclusive approach to education is essential. Our decision making is underpinned by evidenced-based principles and practices; the enquiry-based activities we plan and sequence, the way we organise the learning spaces and select materials are designed to allow each child to learn at their own pace and in ways that are best for them.

Children are engaged in a play-based curriculum which evolves from their interests and their next steps in learning. Educators have a sound knowledge of individual children’s strengths and areas for development. Both indoor and outdoor activities and experiences are carefully planned to enable each child to work towards their next steps in learning. By allowing a child to have options, we implicitly communicate our belief in them and their abilities, empowering them to take control of their own learning. We work in partnership with parents and the community and our program reflects these shared goals.

2024 ELC Session Times

Session Days Times
3YO Program 2, 3 and 5 day programs 8.35am – 3.20pm
4YO Program 4 and 5 day programs 8.30am – 3.15pm