Junior School

In the Junior School, we are committed to developing a caring, accepting and inclusive community and aim to provide open-ended approaches to learning and progress which stimulate flexibility and adaptability. At the Junior School, we encourage our young learners to be inquisitive, to question and to wonder.

A carefully planned and sequenced knowledge-rich curriculum taught by subject specialists from Prep is married with a robust Health and Wellbeing program which ensures that the whole child is supported and nurtured. Knowing that every interaction and experience is a learning opportunity, we consider carefully the approach we take in supporting students to develop their skills and capacities in all areas at this most important developmental stage. The curriculum provides carefully planned and mapped educational opportunities in Literacy, Mathematics, Science, History, Performing Arts, Physical Education and Visual Arts.

The Junior School is committed to the development of the whole child and every interaction with the adults around them is an opportunity for modelling and learning. Students are intentionally taught how to manage themselves and their growth, academically, socially and emotionally; how to engage appropriately with others; how to navigate societal and cultural norms; how to accept and act on feedback; and how make positive contributions to their communities.

Our students are provided with multiple opportunities to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities. Students can choose from sport and physical activity sessions, music ensembles and choir, coding and chess clubs, visual arts or dance sessions and a host of other programs. Community service events, awareness raising and the work of the student-driven Sustainability Committee provide students with the opportunities to consider their responsibilities as members of communities both inside and outside school, and engage in activities to learn more about the situation and welfare of others.

The joy and enthusiasm in the Junior School is evidence of the fun that results when learning happens.