Student Opportunities

Community Service

The community service program supports our students in learning about how others live and the challenges that are faced; how they can respond in practical ways to the needs of others; to develop commitment to social justice; and the importance of the concept of sustainability.

Our community service programs have our students working with primary school students at the Ballarat Library Homework Club, donating blood at our local Red Cross Donor Centre and enjoying cups of tea with the elderly residents at Nazareth House. Their commitment to the local community also has them raising much-needed funds for local charities such as the Ballarat Foundation, the Soup Bus, Ballarat Reads Program and the Ballarat Hospice. Clarendon’s community service program encourages students to accept their social and environmental responsibilities. The student-driven Sustainability Committee, incorporating students from Years 4-12, is focused on reducing waste creation, increasing re-use and maximising recycling. The students have negotiated with our waste contractor to recycle organic waste which will support local farmers.