Annual Scholarship Program

Scholarship applications for the following scholarships in 2024 are now open.

  • Academic
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
    Scholarships provide from one-quarter to full remission of tuition fees for successful candidates. Scholarships are awarded for the entire period a student attends Clarendon providing that the holder continues to satisfy the Principal in all points of conduct and work.Scholarships cover academic tuition fees only, unless stated otherwise. Normal enrolment fees apply. Scholarships do not cover additional costs such as uniforms, textbooks and equipment, camps and excursions or any other non-compulsory co-curricular activities, such as Performing Arts lessons.The Principal is the only person who can award a scholarship. Applications are below.

Other Scholarships

Applications will be invited for the following scholarships. These are awarded to students who display talent in a variety of areas including, but not restricted to, leadership, commitment to community service, physical ability, performing arts, visual arts and a degree of academic ability but, more importantly, sustained commitment to their studies. The application process will include an interview and referees will be required.

Scholarship enquiries

Head of Admissions