Student Outcomes

Our 2022 results

‘Regional private school Ballarat Clarendon College was Victoria’s top VCE performer this year, beating several academically renowned Melbourne schools to claim the title for the second time in four years.’ The Age, 14 December 2022.

At Clarendon, attention and efforts are on delivering on our focus statement. We work to maximise a student’s competence, skills and capacity so that, at the end of their time at school, when they stand on the threshold of their future, they can choose their heart’s desire.

We celebrate the successes of our entire Year 12 cohort.

  • 17 students achieved a university entrance score above 99.
  • 90 students achieved a university entrance score above 90.
  • 82%, 119 students, achieved a university entrance score over 80, putting them in the top 20% of the nation.
  • 38 is Clarendon’s median Study Score.

Our Dux for 2022 is Zachary Hengel with 99.9. Achieving a perfect score of 50 in Biology last year and a Premier’s Award, Zachary built on that in 2022 with 50s in Chemistry and English Language.

Students have good reason to celebrate when the middle student within our cohort has achieved an ATAR of 92.8. The Class of 2022 achieved results that reflect their determination, persistence and passion. The outcomes also reflect the commitment of the team involved in supporting, guiding and caring for them. Congratulations to our students, their families and the staff.

Our Year 12 students, these young adults, stand on the threshold of their future; their next steps will see them move closer to their goals and dreams. And those dreams are diverse – from agriculture, carpentry, cybersecurity, engineering and primary teaching to meteorology, marine biology and medicine. We know that these students have the competence, skills and capacity to confidently pursue the next stage of their lives.

We wish all of our 2022 Year 12 students every success as they embark on the next phase of their lives.

Ballarat Clarendon College Primary School aged children happy and smiling at the camera.

Clarendon is one of the few schools across Australia which has been recognised over the last six years as a high growth school as measured by NAPLAN. Of those schools, Clarendon is the only school where students at their starting point are higher than state average, yet make above average growth over two years.

Clarendon positions itself at the forefront of applying the lessons of educational research and cognitive science to practical classroom applications. Increasingly, cognitive scientists have become aware of the importance of knowledge held in long-term memory for success in tasks as diverse as reading comprehension and critical and creative thinking. Unlike inert knowledge that is on the internet, knowledge held in long-term memory is active and can be flexibly and effortlessly applied to a range of situations. Knowledge is what you think with. In considering the implications of this for the school, Clarendon has committed to a knowledge-rich curriculum in which foundational, enabling and problem-solving knowledge is strategically developed as students pass through each stage of their education.