Student Outcomes

Our 2021 results

Students have good reason to celebrate when the middle student within our cohort has achieved an ATAR of 91. The Class of 2021 achieved results that reflect their determination, persistence and passion. The outcomes also reflect the commitment of the team involved in supporting, guiding and caring for them.
We are proud to celebrate the successes of our entire 2021 Year 12 cohort.


  • 83% (131 students) achieved a university entrance score over 80, putting them in the top 20% of the nation.
  • 55% (87 students) achieved a university entrance score above 90.
  • 15% achieved above 98.
  • 48 students attained an ATAR above 95 and 11 students achieved above 99.

Clarendon is one of the few schools across Australia which has been recognised over the last six years as a high growth school as measured by NAPLAN. Of those schools, Clarendon is the only school where students at their starting point are higher than state average, yet make above average growth over two years.

Clarendon positions itself at the forefront of applying the lessons of educational research and cognitive science to practical classroom applications. Increasingly, cognitive scientists have become aware of the importance of knowledge held in long-term memory for success in tasks as diverse as reading comprehension and critical and creative thinking. Unlike inert knowledge that is on the internet, knowledge held in long-term memory is active and can be flexibly and effortlessly applied to a range of situations. Knowledge is what you think with. In considering the implications of this for the school, Clarendon has committed to a knowledge-rich curriculum in which foundational, enabling and problem-solving knowledge is strategically developed as students pass through each stage of their education.