Boarding at Clarendon

'It's not where you live. It's how you live.'

Boarding at Clarendon fosters independence in a safe and caring environment. A community of approximately 150 boarders enables us to offer personalised support and compassion in a homely environment. As happens in all aspects at Clarendon life, the boarding team is focused on providing for boarders’ individual needs and supporting their aspirations.

The boarding houses offer a unique learning experience and provide opportunities to live with a wide range of people from all backgrounds. Clarendon celebrates its inclusive community of young people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Clarendon’s boarding houses provide an exceptional living and learning experience. Our professional team is dedicated to supporting boarders’ academic studies and is committed to listening, sharing ideas and offering advice about how to reach their heart’s desire. The staff help boarders develop a self-disciplined approach to their learning which enables them to work closely with teachers in the day school, meet their responsibilities, and achieve to the best of their ability.

Ballarat Clarendon College primary school students sitting down smiling and talking to each other.
Ballarat Clarendon College students sitting down on campus, smiling and chatting to each other.

Parents and guardians are also part of our boarding community. To get the most out of Clarendon, a partnership must be forged between parents, boarders and the school. There is a strong focus on working collaboratively with parents, guardians and students to ensure that boarding house responsibilities are carried out, homework obligations are met, free time is enjoyed, and outside commitments are fulfilled. The boarding community understands that communication between the staff, parents and guardians and students is vital for the happiness of all.

There is much camaraderie within both the Boys Boarding House and Girls Boarding House and this enables students to form long-lasting friendships that many hold dear for years after they have left Clarendon. The boarding team is committed to making the boarding experience special and to arranging a variety of events to be enjoyed throughout the year. Boarders are connected through two vertical Houses and the bonds forged through events and challenges over the course of the year provide a great deal of positivity and fun. Boarders are also individually supported by a boarding mentor.

Clarendon considers its boarding houses to be the vital, beating heart of the school; the boarding experience is positive, vibrant and fun. The boarders and their families are a passionate and loyal community. Our core values, built from the ethos of the founders, define the behaviours and attitudes by which we hold ourselves and each other to account. Shared values and expectations ensure that our boarding community is united, strong and clear in pursuing the very best for each and every boarder.