Wellbeing at Clarendon

The care of our students begins with a commitment to ensuring progress in all areas of their social, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. We focus on learning – learning about themselves, their relationships with others and their capacity to manage themselves across a range of different contexts. Learning is not confined to the classroom, but rather plays out in every interaction that occurs in every setting.

Our co-curricular program, our performing and visual arts, our Health and Wellbeing curriculum and a myriad of other contexts provide opportunities for growth, support and learning. While the school ensures that specific assistance is available to students who are grappling with significant issues, and our health services ensure their physical wellbeing, it is by being proactive rather than reactive that our care is best exhibited. Our focus is on ensuring that students are empowered to take control of their life through their education. We seek a conscious evolution of our learners where at an individual level, their skills, competencies and capacities are always being developed, where the next area of learning is always being identified and where a clear plan for learning is always being followed.

It is our belief that schools care for their students most effectively when they maintain their focus on the whole child, concentrate on the main game – student learning – and see everything that happens in a student’s life as a precious opportunity for learning to occur.