Middle School

In the Middle School, we are committed to a developmental, knowledge-rich curriculum and our fundamental belief that every child is capable of learning and making progress.

We seek to engage in and respond to the unique learning needs of our ‘middle schoolers’. Students engage with a carefully mapped and sequenced curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Languages, Health and Wellbeing, Physical Education, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. At the same time, students are encouraged to reflect and consider the contribution they could make to their communities. We aim to develop students’ capacity to demonstrate leadership and to encourage them to voice their reasoned opinions in relation to local, national and international issues.

Every student in the Middle School has a Learning Mentor whose role is to advocate for and support them in developing their skills and capacities as learners in every aspect of their lives. Learning Mentors deliver the Health and Wellbeing program, which provides opportunities for students to develop their self-efficacy, their values and beliefs, and consequently their ability to make good decisions.

We provide a wide range of opportunities for our students to try new things and extend their horizons in the areas of sport and physical activity, the arts, community service and leadership. In the Middle School, applying effort is non-negotiable, as is having fun. As a community, we enjoy each other’s company and laugh together.

We aim to provide the right blend of challenge and support, expectation and care for each student, so that they can value their learning and develop their understanding of themselves as individuals and as members of a community.

As a child’s social and emotional development across the Middle School years becomes critically important, it is our responsibility, as teachers and parents, to adequately prepare our young people for an independent and informed life in a global community. The Year 9 Residential Program, empowers students with the skills of social responsibility and awareness needed to actively participate in their rich and diverse communities. Each student in Year 9 will spend 8 weeks living and learning in our residential program at Yuulong. You can learn more about the Yuulong program here.