Yuulong update | December 2021

Our Yuulong residential campus is nearing completion, with buildings set to be complete in time for the first program to take place in February 2022.

In line with our sustainable practices, the Yuulong campus has seen significant planning to ensure the site is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable.

These include the installation of a 99KW solar system which was installed to offset some of the site’s power requirements, water and electricity monitoring for the dormitories and commons buildings, LED lighting and water tanks.

All of the campus buildings will utilise passive ventilation for cooling through the use of operable louvers, windows and large window sliders.

Our students will be able to monitor their own water and electricity usage within their dormitories. Based on their consumption, students will be able to make guided adjustments to ensure the most efficient use of electricity and water.

As the end of the school year approaches, we are excited to open the Yuulong residential campus to students and staff in February 2022 with these sustainable measures in place.