Students gain a unique opportunity to explore their career aspirations

Congratulations to Year 10 students Caitlin Benjamin, Imke Brouwer and Molly Fraser who were recently selected for the Monash Scholars Class of 2022-2024.

The Monash Scholars program affords students a unique head-start to university life in providing opportunities for personal and academic development as well as the knowledge to make further study choices.

“I decided to apply to the Monash Scholars program because it is a great opportunity to become familiar with Monash University’s campus and culture,” said Caitlin. “It also provides me the chance to meet students from other schools who have similar interests to me before I go to university. I am hoping to learn more about the courses I’m interested in and be able to compare them, which will help me ensure I enjoy the degree that I apply for and the career that I choose.”

Throughout their time in the program, students will make connections with like-minded individuals and grow their networking opportunities. They are also invited to participate in numerous events and workshops that will enhance their learning, such as the Preparing for Year 11 and 12 workshop.

“Friends of mine who are a part of the program encouraged me to apply because they saw it beneficial both socially and academically,” said Imke. “Being a part of the program will help me prepare for my senior years at Clarendon while making new connections.”

Other benefits of the Monash Scholars program include exploring career ambitions through hearing from industry experts and learning employability skills. The program also provides a space for students to determine their career goals and build networks with professionals and students.

“I am grateful to have been selected for the Monash Scholars program as it will help me decide on possible courses I may take and determine a career path,” said Molly. “The program will not only offer me education in careers and introduce me to courses at Monash, but also expose me to what university life could actually look like.”

We are so proud of our students who take action in pursuing their future goals. Through demonstrating passion, hard work and determination, Caitlin, Imke and Molly are on the path to achieving their heart’s desires.