Students expand their reading fluency and teamwork skills during the inaugural Junior School Class Choral Poetry Competition

This term, Year 3 students have been learning and rehearsing a choral recital of a selected poem to perform at the inaugural Junior School Class Choral Poetry Competition. With the support of their literacy teachers, every Year 3 student participated and performed at last week’s Junior School assembly in front of their peers.

The competition was a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their reading fluency while building on their ability to work collaboratively with their classmates and as a team.

“It was an opportunity to develop students’ enjoyment of language,” said Co-Head of Literacy Prep-Year 4, Adrian Bunting. “We want to show students that, just like music, poetry is meant to be heard. There is joy in performing poetry as part of a choral choir as well as hearing others perform it.”

While rehearsing their poems, students also learned skills including reading at the same speed to be in sync with their classmates, matching the rhythm of the poem, reading and decoding accurately, reading with expression to match punctuation and content, as well as engaging with the listener.

Students were thrilled when Deputy Head of Middle School, Clare Ellis, attended the assembly as a special guest judge. After careful deliberation, class 3B placed first with their performance of Shel Silverstein’s Sick.

“Our students showed wonderful enthusiasm for this new event,” said Adrian. “It was fantastic to see how much they enjoyed rehearsing the poems and contributing ideas to prepare fluent, entertaining recitals. We are so proud of all of the students for their efforts.”

It is events like the Class Choral Poetry Competition and Junior School Creative Writing Competition which see students take the skills they’ve learned inside the classroom to other contexts. They allow students to deeply engage with their learning and use their imagination, which make the school environment a place that is open for exploration while having fun.

Clarendon is dedicated to providing students with a range of opportunities, encouraging them to embrace their unique interests and passions. Students have the opportunity to participate in art, performing arts and sport co-curricular activities, but also those behind the scenes. These include Chess, Code Club, Creative Writing, Science Club and Touch Typing – all activities that build upon students interests within and outside of the classroom.

Paired with their learning in the classroom, these activities see students gain a broader understanding of where their passions could lead to following their time at school. Well done to all of the students who continue to make the most of every opportunity while expanding their skillsets and personal values.