Sleepout for Vinnies

Recently, our Senior School students participated in a school sleepout to raise funds for the St Vincent de Paul Society. Organised by Year 12 Community Leaders, Ruby de Voogel and Teà Rabbette, the sleepout aimed to recreate the feeling of sleeping-rough, as many homeless Australians do every day.

The St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia, otherwise known as Vinnies, has more than 60,000 members who volunteer their time to feed, clothe, house and assist people in need, in addition to combatting social injustice across the country.

Students set up to sleep in the Sewell Pavilion before serving their soup dinner, which was followed by a ‘filthy rich and homeless’ presentation. With only a pillow, sleeping bag and toothbrush, students and staff settled in for the night. The following morning, they reflected on their sleepout and how they may be able to make a difference for future generations.

The students’ eagerness to give back to the local community and embrace opportunities to learn more about the world around them is admirable.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the sleepout for this important cause, raising over $3,500. You can still make a contribution via the following link.