Old Collegians seize a life-changing opportunity to benefit those in the Ballarat community

Old Collegians, Patrick Cosgrave (2015) and Mitchell Miles (2015), recently joined forces to open a Body Fit Training (BFT) in Ballarat South. A mutual passion for health and fitness, combined with their shared work ethic, saw Patrick and Mitchell seize the opportunity to open their own studio and foster a community of like-minded individuals.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Patrick and Mitchell found an outlet in exercising in their shed at home. When restrictions eased, they became members of Body Fit Training and haven’t looked back since.

“From our first session, we were hooked,” said Mitchell. “The group atmosphere and combination of different training styles was addictive and that fueled the idea that, if we love this so much, so would others. When we found out there was availability to open a studio in Ballarat South, we jumped at the chance.”

Having begun commerce studies at university, Mitchell began looking for a more practical career in the electrical industry. He is currently a third-year electrical apprentice and hopes to further his journey in construction management.

Patrick studied commerce at The University of Melbourne and, for the last five years, has worked in banking and investment management.

Together, they share the role of managing staff, marketing and studio enhancements at BFT Ballarat South.

“The people we have met through the gym have been amazing,” said Patrick. “We enjoy the random challenges thrown at us which we have to work through, such as forward planning and construction. We’re always challenged to think outside the box and deliver a better product so that our members keep wanting to come back.”

For Patrick and Mitchell, their time at Clarendon saw them build upon their friendship and instill within them a desire to work hard and achieve their goals.

“The skills I learned whilst at Clarendon, such as the importance of work ethic, have influenced my decision making in many facets of my life,” said Patrick. “Whether it be related to sports, arts, academics or lifestyle, Clarendon teaches you those skills in a real-world sense and instilled in me the importance of hard work while enjoying every moment along the way.”

“Clarendon set me up to be the person I am today,” said Mitchell. “The lesson that sticks with me the most is giving everything a go. Regardless of your interests, there is always something positive to gain from every experience. The school allowed me to adapt those values to many scenarios in my life and building BFT Ballarat South is no exception.”