Meet Old Collegian, Tahlia Stanton

Old Collegian, Tahlia Stanton (2015), is a local artist whose works can be found worldwide, primarily Europe, the United States, Dubai and Australia.

Over the last three years, Tahlia has fine-tuned her business, dedicating herself to creating a range of artworks and marketing herself on social media. With the support of her fiancé, Andrew Collins (2016) and assistant, Oriel Forsyth (2016), Tahlia has gained a loyal following of almost 2 million art lovers and creatives on her social platforms.

“It is undeniable that Andrew’s, Oriel’s and my time at Clarendon had a significant impact on our output,” said Tahlia. “Work ethic and discipline is a shared value among us, and I am so grateful to have their joyous energies in the studio.”

Tahlia began painting at the young age of 18 months old and, when she turned 15, was excited to receive a scholarship to attend Clarendon.

“I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend Clarendon as I was able to dedicate more time towards my passion for art,” said Tahlia. “After I graduated, I began working as a full-time artist and haven’t looked back since.”

Recently, Tahlia’s artwork was showcased at an exhibition at Accent Framing and Fine Art in Ballarat where a selection of her works remain on consignment in the gallery for display and sale. Now, she and her team are preparing to exhibit her works at London Fashion Week 2023 in collaboration with an up-and-coming fashion brand. Tahlia will paint on vintage designer items from brands such as Dior, Chanel and Burberry, giving a new life to timeless pieces.

In May 2023, Tahlia will participate in a solo show at Compendium Gallery in Melbourne. She is also looking forward to releasing educational courses for artists to help them grow their fine arts businesses.

“Creating art is my sanctuary,” said Tahlia. “It is a place where I find joy, acceptance and unlimited expression. Today, I am inspired to educate artists across the globe, sharing how they too, can cultivate a following and a thriving arts business.”

You can read more about Tahlia and view her artwork at or, on Instagram at