Growing together

Every Tuesday afternoon during the school term our Community Leaders, Ruby de Voogel and Teà Rabbette, alongside some senior students, have been volunteering for Food is Free. Food is Free is a volunteer group who run a small garden and laneway where people can drop off excess fruit or vegetables for others to pick up if they’re struggling to purchase food.

As well as promoting food security and a healthier planet, the group provides valuable volunteering opportunities for our students.

“Volunteering is about having a sense of understanding and compassion for less fortunate members of the community and appreciating that we all have the capacity to help,” said Ruby. “It has been a learning experience for me that the free time we have to garden means some people are able to feed their family that night or add extra healthy ingredients to otherwise basic meals.”

For Teà, volunteering her time to Food is Free is just as much about promoting community inclusion as well as benefitting disadvantaged locals.

“Volunteering for Food is Free is something I didn’t even have to think about,” said Teà. “We thought it was integral to bring a group of students together to support Food is Free by volunteering at the local garden as well as donating excess food and recyclables to the initiative.”

Since the beginning of their involvement, several students have also assisted with growing the gardens in addition to working on the composting process.

“It is extremely fulfilling to know that there is a greater sense of purpose around promoting food security in Ballarat while fighting the war against food waste and protecting our planet,” said Ruby.

Well done to everyone involved in this fantastic initiative.