Celebrating 160 Years of leadership and tradition

1913 Ballarat College Prefects

Ballarat Clarendon College continues to uphold a proud tradition of appointing Prefects who set an example for their peers. Initially established to promote exemplary behaviours among senior students, Prefects have evolved to embody broader principles of leadership and community service. In the early years, Prefects had a close relationship with the school Principal. Many Prefects lived together in the boarding house.

1939 Ballarat College Prefects

1959 Ballarat College Prefects

As articulated by Headmaster Ron Horner in 1968, Prefects at Ballarat College are entrusted with setting a standard of conduct through their actions. Their role extends to fostering a culture of respect and responsibility among their peers. This dual responsibility of upholding traditions while adapting to modern challenges has been a hallmark of the Prefect system’s resilience over the years.

The decision to suspend the Prefect system in 1973, as documented in The Minervan, marked a period of experimentation and reflection within the College. While aimed at exploring alternative leadership structures, it highlighted the ongoing benefits of senior students guiding their peers and positively influencing the College community.

1972 Ballarat College Prefects badge

The Prefect system continues to evolve. Today’s School Captains and Vice Captains are both leaders and ambassadors for inclusivity and student wellbeing. They serve as mentors and organisers of school activities and assemblies, continuing to inspire future generations with their commitment to uphold the values of Ballarat Clarendon College.