Leadership at Clarendon

Excellence through dedication.

Meet the Clarendon family

Clarendon’s consistently strong performances in a range of external measures are a consequence of strong educational leadership. The enduring team of Principal, David Shepherd, and Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning, Jan McClure, drive the school’s educational agenda and this is enacted by a loyal, committed and determined senior leadership team, many of whom David and Jan identified as graduates or young teachers and nurtured as leaders within the school.

David Shepherd


Jan McClure

Deputy Principal

James Evans

Co-Head Senior School

Laura Brady

Co-Head Senior School

Scott Anderson

Co-Head Nine10 School

Emily Allison

Co-Head Nine10 School

Shaune Moloney

Head of Middle School

Jeannie Jamieson

Head of Junior School

Rebecca Dickson

Head of the Early Learning Centre

Jen Bourke

Head of Innovation

Greg Ashman

Head of Research

Reid Smith

Head of Curriculum Assessment and Instruction

Board of Directors

The Board is the governing body of Ballarat Clarendon College and is responsible for the central governance of the School, providing strategic direction and overseeing performance.
Sub committees of the Board include:
• Audit and Risk Management
• Finance
• Nominations
• Property and Infrastructure
Steven Coltman Stephen Jurica Jayne Liubinas
John Livingston Fiona May Mark Patterson
Stuart Postlethwaite Jock Selkirk Jacqui Sewell
David Shepherd Laura Van Dyk Belinda Walton
Fiona Whatley