Students gear up for their most anticipated regatta: Head of the Lake

As Head of the Lake fast approaches, the Clarendon community are growing excited for what is one of the largest school events of the year. After three terms of training, team-bonding and skill-building, Clarendon rowing crews will take to the water with grit and determination

“We have developed a really strong program this year and everyone has been working hard in the lead up to Head of the Lake,” said Captain of Boats, Chloe Tippett. “The shed is full of excitement and we can’t wait to get out there and race while being cheered on by the support crew.”

This year is particularly special for the Tippett family, with both Chloe (Y12) and her brother, James (Y9), coxing the girls and boys firsts crews.

Over 160 Clarendon students will compete in this year’s event, making it one of the school’s largest rowing cohorts ever.

“We are proud to be following in the footsteps of those who have rowed before us and contributing to the legacy of rowing at Clarendon,” said Captain of Boats, Lily Dwyer. “Every crew has worked tirelessly over the last six months and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s hard work pay off.”

Co-Heads of Rowing, John Novak and Matthew Olver, would like to thank everyone involved in the 2023 rowing program.

“Head of the Lake is the culmination of hundreds of hours perfecting a single cyclical movement,” said Mr Novak. “Regardless of the outcome, students have much to be proud of, such as their demonstration of teamwork and perseverance, in addition to the strong friendships formed during the season.”

“Although this weekend represents a significant milestone in our rowing season, we are encouraging students to treat it like any other regatta,” said Mr Olver. I always look forward to seeing our students race and this weekend will be no exception. I’d like to thank all of the students, coaches, parents, and wider school community who have supported us this season.”

The Clarendon rowing program is made up of the passion and vision of students and staff, volunteers, 1920 club members and dedicated family and friends of the school. Without this supportive community, the program would not be what it is today.

“This time of the year is really exciting as the efforts of every student, whether they be in the junior, intermediate or senior program, culminate on Sunday at Head of the Lake,” said Captain of Boats, Hamish Richardson. “Thank you to all of our coaches, the 1920 club volunteers and our families for their support. Go Clarendon!”

Good luck to our rowers, coaches and volunteers. We can’t wait to support you from the spit!