Old Collegians co-direct new Australian musical, You’re a Catch! Why are you Single?

Old Collegians, Sarah Wynen (2015) and Simon McWilliam (2015), are teaming up to present You’re a Catch! Why are you Single? at Melbourne Fringe Festival.

The musical, written and composed by Sarah, is a comedy about looking for love in all the wrong places. Featuring 12 new songs and 8 original monologues, the musical has received many glowing reviews since its debut in January.

Sarah and Simon met at Clarendon in 2012. Together, they participated in plays and musicals and performed in music ensembles. During their high school years, they were determined to pursue careers in theatre, but never expected to be working together years later.

Whilst a student at Clarendon, Sarah played oboe and sung in choirs. She was also a Performing Arts Leader in 2015.

“Being Performing Arts Leader was a great opportunity for me to harness my leadership skills in a creative setting,” said Sarah. “Those experiences have proven to assist me in my role as a director, needing to manage and organise an ensemble cast.”

Following their time at school, Simon went on to study Film at Swinburne University of Technology while Sarah studied Musical Theatre at Federation University. Now, they are co-directing an original musical, with Sarah also producing and music directing while Simon is choreographing.

“After I completed my degree, I became more involved with theatre writing, particularly for musicals,” said Sarah. “I needed someone creative to help direct my work and I thought of Simon straight away.”

The following characters including dorky dads, promiscuous university students, a tent enthusiast and a Nice Guy™, Sarah ensures audiences will see a piece of themselves in You’re a Catch! Why are you Single?. The production has even gained international interest, with an excerpt recently performed as part of Titchfield Festival Theatre’s New Song Writers Concert in Hampshire, United Kingdom.

“I am so grateful that Clarendon supported us to pursue theatre,” said Sarah. “Clarendon showed me how a community can be formed through creating together. I’m amazed that schoolyard friends can turn into unexpected colleagues and collaborators and I’m so excited for what Simon and I will achieve together.”

You’re a Catch! Why are you Single? will be presented at Theatre Works, St Kilda, from 4-8 October. You can read more about the production, here, or purchase a ticket via the following link.