Minimising plastic waste – the Sustainability Committee

This year, the Sustainability Committee remains committed to reducing waste, in particular, plastic waste. Approximately 20 million tonnes of rubbish end up in Australian landfill annually. This is a staggering figure, considering that a significant portion of this waste could be recycled or reused.


With Café College currently closed, day students are encouraged to bring their own food to school, which will result in the disposal of more plastic. To reduce the environmental impact of plastic disposal, the Sustainability Committee suggests multiple ways to minimise the amount of plastic that goes into landfill. These include:

  • packing foods, such as fruit, in reusable containers;
  • using beeswax wraps for sandwiches and other foods instead of plastic wrap;
  • making sure that any essential plastic used is placed into the correct bin; and
  • buying packaged food, such as chips, in bulk and packing smaller amounts in reusable containers.

To assist in the Sustainability Committee’s movement towards minimising plastic waste, Elliott House will be running a community service drive in Term 3. This drive will include selling beeswax wrap kits, which will be a fun way for students and staff to engage in sustainable actions whilst donating to a local cause.

If you are a student in Years 9-12 and are interested in helping our community progress towards more sustainable practices, please feel free to come and join our weekly meetings from 12.50-1.20pm each Tuesday in the McClure Theatre.

Written by Lili Struth (Year 12) and Aileen Hidaka (Year 12)