Meet our 2022 Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars

Of 1,500 applications, 2022 Year 10 students Georgina Kemp, Shriya Patel and Paul Scalora were recently selected as Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars.

The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program, hosted by The University of Melbourne, sees scholars become part of a supportive university community and peer network through a tailored program of events and activities while working with the university to reach their leadership potential.

For Georgina, Shriya and Paul, becoming a Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar affords them a strong pathway into their careers of choice when they leave Clarendon in 2023.

“The University of Melbourne is where I hope to study Vet Science,” said Georgina. “The scholars program gives me access to the library, the opportunity to meet other future students and spend some time at the university campus to familiarise myself. Being selected was an affirming experience and I am extremely grateful for not only the opportunities Clarendon have provided me, but also the avenues that have opened as a part of being selected into the program.”

“The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program offers many opportunities in alignment with my endeavours,” said Shriya. “I am confident the program will render that great first-step towards achieving my current goals and ambitions while providing me a chance to learn more about myself in an extracurricular setting. A setting where I can mould my vision and focus on exactly where I want to be the future me.”

“I am honoured to be one of the few chosen recipients of the Kwong Lee Dow Scholarship,” said Paul. “Moving forward, I hope that this opportunity allows me to indulge myself further into my academic journey as I move into my VCE studies. I would like to thank St Mary Mackillop College, Ballarat Clarendon College and the Kwong Lee Dow Program for affording me this opportunity.”

We are so proud of our students who have been recognised for their passion and determination to achieve their future goals. Clarendon looks forward to following Georgina, Shriya and Paul’s journeys to achieve their heart’s desires.