Introducing Run Club

During Term 2, Run Club was introduced as an opportunity for Middle School students to participate in some physical activity during their lunch times. Run Club, held every Tuesday and Thursday for students in years 5-8, encourages students to use their lunch break to get outside and do something positive for both their physical and mental health.

So far, Run Club has seen over 266 students participate, completing 2,415 laps (966km) across 7 lunchtimes. Each student receives an individualised QR code that they scan to record each lap and, every week, students aim to complete as many laps of the oval as possible to win points for their Learning Mentor Group and House.

“Run Club was introduced to provide students an opportunity to improve their fitness by being active with their friends during lunch,” said Run Club co-ordinator, Daniel Gray. “It has been fantastic to see so many students getting involved, whether it be racing to see who can complete the most laps or enjoying walking with a group of friends.”

The more laps completed, the more points students can score and win prizes for their House. It’s wonderful to see such a large number of students getting outside, rain hail or shine, and taking part in the weekly Run Club.

Well done to all of the students and staff involved!