Boarding opens opportunities: Luke Fisher

For Old Collegian, Luke Fisher (2008), his time in the boarding house provided him with opportunities he wouldn’t have otherwise experienced in his hometown of Streatham. In the boarding house, Luke developed his social skills, independence and study habits which have helped him achieve his career goals within the education sector.

Following his time as a student, Luke studied Primary Teaching at ACU Ballarat. His first teaching position was in Darwin, where he taught Year 7 Mathematics and Science. He has since taught in Ballarat and Horsham and worked as Acting Principal at Marnoo Primary and Minyip Primary School. He was recently appointed as Assistant Principal at Horsham Primary School, where he takes care of 450 students across two campuses.

“My experience at Clarendon consolidated my love for learning,” said Luke. “I left school with a number of tools that helped me become a life-long learner and the skills to be a successful educator.”

Living in the boarding house exposes students to a number of role models and allows them to learn from adults outside of their families. For Luke, this was a learning opportunity like no other, and one that he would not have been able to participate in without his scholarship.

“Without the scholarship provided to my family and I, I would not have been able to attend Clarendon,” said Luke. “It has proven to provide so many advantages in my life that I may not have had without a scholarship. I am so grateful for how Clarendon has helped me develop as a person.”

Pivotal to his development were his boarding house tutors. Their high expectations set a challenge for Luke, while also being there to support him and assist him to meet those expectations, he said.

“I have been able to hold these expectations for myself in my career and ensure that I hold those same expectations for my staff and students as well,” said Luke.

Those expectations included taking advantage of all possible opportunities.

“I found myself participating in new experiences such as the Boarding House Choir, filling in for basketball and playing lead roles in House Performing Arts,” said Luke. “I would never have believed I was capable of doing these things, but I was always encouraged and supported to participate.”

Luke still keeps in touch with friends he made along his journey at Clarendon. He plays football with Old Collegian, John Delahunty (2007) and works closely with Cam Weston (2008) and Nathan Wright (2008) who are also Principals of small schools in Wimmera.

He and his partner, Sheridan Petering, reside in Horsham with their 1-year-old boy, Charlie.

An important message he learned in the boarding house was to be open minded. For students living in the boarding house, he provides the following advice.

“Initially, it can be very daunting moving to a new place. Not knowing anyone, having to meet new people, taking on a new academic load and being away from family can be overwhelming,” said Luke. “However, they are all challenges that you look back on with pride knowing that you tackled them head on.”