Annual Giving Day 2022

On Thursday 26 May, we will stand together on the threshold of a new beginning.

This year, the Annual Giving campaign will enable the establishment of the Clarendon Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarships.

With the support of the Clarendon community, we aim to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students the opportunity to experience a Clarendon education, to join a school community that supports each student to grow and achieve by discovering their full potential in a culturally responsive learning environment.

The Clarendon Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarships will enable local students to receive the benefits of a Clarendon education and, through the generosity of our matching donor, every dollar raised will be doubled. Donations are tax-deductable.

The Clarendon Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarships are part of a broader project, which has centred around the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan. Within the plan are a number of key pillars including education, both formal and informal, of students and the broader community, staff learning and policy framework.

The Reconciliation Action group, made up of senior students, staff and Board members, meet weekly to discuss how they can further implement the Reconciliation Action Plan. This project has been student driven and focusses on the integration of broader perspectives into Clarendon’s operations.

Student members of the Reconciliation Action group have been instrumental in the preparation and execution of the Annual Giving campaign, raising awareness of Clarendon’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarships and encouraging community members to give generously.

“As a school community, we continue to grow and evolve, to learn and progress,” said Year 12 student, Jenul Jayakody Arachchige Don. “These scholarships will help us to better reflect the diversity and richness of the Ballarat community and will celebrate the immense and historically significant contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to the fabric of Australian society.”

For more information about the Annual Giving Day on Thursday 26 May and to support these scholarships, please follow this link.

Together we can create a future filled with possibilities. Join Clarendon in creating futures.