2023 VCE results

VCE study scores are not everything. School life, with its rich variety of opportunities for personal growth, cannot be represented by a single number. If students and their teachers work hard, study scores look after themselves. However, such scores represent opportunities for young people. They open doors that young people can choose to walk through and explore what is on the other side.

The class of 2023 has achieved impressive results in terms of ATAR scores:

  • nearly 70% (116 students) of the cohort achieved over 90, placing them in the top 10% of the state
  • 87% of the 2023 cohort achieved an ATAR over 80 – that is, 146 students
  • 19 students, 11% of the cohort, achieved over 99.

Clarendon’s Dux is Zakariah Alansari with 99.95. Achieving a perfect score of 50 in Applied Computing: Data Analytics last year as well as a Premier’s Award for that subject, Zakariah built on those achievements in 2023 with a 50 in Physics, 48 in both Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods and 45 in English Language.

The median ATAR score – that is, our middle student in the cohort – achieved 94.4.

Clarendon’s median Study Score is 39 and the percentage of Study Scores over 40 is 46.

Seventeen students achieved perfect Study Scores of 50.

The 2023 VCE are outcomes are the result of our continued pursuit of improvement, our commitment to ensuring that students are supported and guided to make progress in their learning.

Our improvement agenda is focused on teacher learning, improving instruction in the service of better outcomes for our students.

The 2023 VCE results are clear indicators that we have agency, that our improvement agenda is the right one and that we continue to get better.

Regional students can, and do, achieve excellence.

Clarendon’s approach and processes are different by design and they work. Our approach to teaching and learning involves a clear focus on students and their academic, social, emotional and physical progress; a focus on high quality teaching, a commitment to evidence-based instructional strategies, married with a sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum; and a distinct focus on staff learning, on becoming better every day.

We help students pursue their dreams and aspirations.

We wish all of our 2023 Year 12 students every success as they embark on the next phase of their lives.