2023 ABC Heywire winner, Meg Geljon, shares her story

Year 12 student, Meg Geljon, was recently announced a 2023 ABC Heywire winner. The storytelling competition encourages young people to tell stories about their life outside the major cities and collaborate with ABC to bring their story to life.

Upon being selected as the winner for her region, Meg worked extensively with an ABC producer to develop and produce her story which reflects her passion for theatre. Her story was aired on ABC radio and shared in Zoom meetings with other winners across the nation.

“I’ve always been fond of English as a subject and want to pursue journalism when I leave school,” said Meg. “I saw Heywire as an opportunity to further develop my writing skills while incorporating my passion for performing arts.”

All Heywire winners are invited to participate in a summit in Canberra in March, which will see them share ideas within Parliament and meet political leaders. Attending the summit will provide an opportunity for the winners to hear different stories and perspectives from people with all backgrounds across Australia.

“I am grateful for the support my teachers have provided me throughout my time at Clarendon, especially those who have challenged me to do more and go further to advance my writing skills,” said Meg.

The following is Meg’s submission to the Heywire competition. You can also read an interview with Meg about her story via www.abc.net.au/heywire/about.

As soon as the orchestra begins to play, jittery excitement takes over my body, and I prepare for the opening number.

My love for the stage allows me to be transported to a new world. A world away from real life where I am free to take on an entirely new and different personality for a moment in time. It’s a completely different universe.

One of the things I love most about performing is the sense of magic and wonder that it brings, both for the actors and the audience. Seamless transitions and characters bursting into spontaneous song and dance, mixed with sorrow, friendship, and of course romance, create a unique and captivating experience that I cherish being a part of.

From the nervous auditions, to the long rehearsals, and finally, the finished production, I adore every part, even the eternal wait for the cast announcements. But as soon as I set eyes on the stage, my passion grows twice the size of what it was before.

Not only has my pa­ssion allowed me to express a range of emotions and other worldly events in the comfort of a theatre, I have met some of my closest friends because of it. Without the late nights, frantically recalling dialogue, and the endless mistakes before showtime, many of these relations would not exist. These friends are one of the reasons my love for performing grows every year.

Although I am living in a town dominated by sports, my passion for the arts still thrives both in school and community events. I anxiously wait for the school production to be revealled each year, but what’s more exciting is the energy that follows. The sense of pride, knowing that you have perfected every moment. Knowing that your friends and family can finally see what you have worked so hard for.

The moment I receive my script, until the first time I put on my costume and step foot on stage, I am swept away from reality and my excitement fulfils me. I will never let that passion die.

Congratulations, Meg, on this wonderful achievement. We look forward to following your journey and hearing about your experiences in Canberra later this year.