Core Values

Our core values, built from the ethos of the founders, define the behaviours and attitudes by which we hold ourselves and each other to account.


  • Learning is incremental; we must embrace possibilities and challenges in order to progress.
  • We seek to improve and progress in all aspects of our life.


  • With persistence comes success. We know that challenge and failure are necessary in any journey towards achievement.
  • We never stop working on getting better.


  • We act with integrity and humility, giving of ourselves to others.
  • We are active in making our world a better place through the sum of our individual contributions.


  • The health and wellbeing of a community depends on positive, cooperative and supportive collaborations.
  • To endure, a community must thrive and evolve.

Every action we take is focused on supporting and improving the social, emotional and physical health of each person.