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Community Service

What Our Students Do

Ballarat Clarendon College, a school of the Uniting Church, aims to develop a caring and accepting community which will encourage students to:

  • develop a positive sense of self-worth and sensitivity and compassion in dealings with others;
  • accept their social and environmental responsibilities in the school, local community and the wider world.

To achieve this, we encourage our students to become involved in the Ballarat Clarendon College  Community Service program.

We believe that through the Community Service program our students will learn that within a community members accept some responsibility for the welfare of each other. This principle has applications locally, nationally and internationally.

The community service program supports our students in learning:

  • about how others live and the challenges that are faced;
  • how they can respond in practical ways to the needs of others;
  • to develop commitment to social justice; and
  • the importance of the concept of sustainability.

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