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VCE Studio Arts – from Concept to Creation

Posted September 5, 2017.

VCE Studio Arts – from Concept to Creation

The VCE Studio Arts class is now approaching the end of this year’s artistic journey.

These photographs illustrate a ‘typical’ day in our classroom as we engage in the production of our final works. It’s a very hands-on and individual approach as we all work towards the realisation of our ideas and aesthetics.

With Unit 3 involving the conceptualising and development of our personal style and Unit 4 requiring us to engage in the refinement of our technical skills as well as the creation of a minimum of two artworks, the nine of us have been continuously encouraged to persevere and take artistic risks throughout the course of the year.

Working in an array of media, ranging from textiles and installations to more traditional art forms, challenging and creative themes have been explored, creating a diverse and engaging body of work that is the product of the class of 2017 VCE Studio Arts.

These creations, which embody months of hard work, will be exhibited along with works of the VCE Visual Communication & Design and VCE Media classes, at the annual end-of-year exhibition held in the Morrow Gallery on Wednesday 18 October at 6pm.

We invite and encourage you all to attend.

Georgia Emery, Jenny Santaannop, Tahlia Stanton
2017 Visual Arts Leaders