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US Study Tour – Industry Visits

Posted July 19, 2018.

US Study Tour – Industry Visits

Students  recap the final few days of the California portion of the US Study Tour.

After giving our farewells, we parted ways with the NSLC students and made our way to Palo Alto for our final stop. After leaving Berkeley, we stopped for lunch at Old Collegian Laura Chambers, (1995), house. Laura was a former executive at E-bay and provided us with fantastic insight as to how the business grew to become the industry leader that it is today. We also watched Croatia shatter the English dream in the World Cup. We then headed to Stanford Medical School where we met with another Old Collegian, Kegan Moneghetti (2001). Kegan is a Medical researcher and we had a great discussion of the purpose of his cardiovascular research at Stanford.

Today, we made our way to the headquarters of Google and Stanford University for the duration of our day. At Google, we met with 2017 graduate Cristian Corrado’s uncle, Josh Micich, who gave us a small tour of the facility and an incredibly informative presentation outlining the values and products of Google. Afterwards, we headed to Stanford University where George Foster explained the psychology behind judgment and questioned our ethics and ideas revolving around judgement. It was a great day!

We caught the train to San Fransisco to visit the Airbnb Headquarters. This was an amazing space and we felt so lucky to be given a tour of the offices and the opportunity to ask the staff questions about the success and business model of Airbnb. We then drove to a Tesla dealership where we learned about the element s of a Tesla and a brief background on the company. Six students were able to go for a test drive a Model X Tesla SUV. In addition to going to Tesla, we also attended the McLaren dealership next door where we were given an in-depth look at the chassis of one of their cars, and a background on the company and insight into future releases.

Our final day in Palo Alto and America as a whole.

We started our day by visiting both Apple Park and 1 Infinite Loop, where we were exposed to pristine architecture and immaculate product design. We also had the opportunity to purchase merchandise that is unobtainable anywhere else in the world.

Finally, we visited the NASA Research Centre before heading back to our hotel to retrieve our bags and commence the long 14-hour flight home…

These four days were a wonderful way to finish what has been an amazing tour that none of us will forget.