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UK Study Tour: Bath, Stonehenge and Windsor

Posted July 14, 2017.

UK Study Tour: Bath, Stonehenge and Windsor


Welcome Home to our UK Tour!

The UK Tour is a wonderful experience and like all our International Tours, students cover a lot of territory in a relatively short amount of time. The final two days in the UK were no exception…

Day 10
Our second last day in the UK started with a bus trip to the beautiful city of Bath. We were all excited to visit Bath, a World Heritage site, and we were not disappointed. Like many of our days, we began with a guided walking tour which gave us a wonderful introduction to the city itself and its incredible history. The architecture of Bath is really spectacular and we quickly came to understand why the city remains a favourite of anyone who visits the UK. The tour of the 3000-year-old Roman Baths was amazing and very interesting. We ended our day with our final dinner in the UK – fish and chips in the park! It was a very fitting end.

Day 11
We were all feeling a little sad that this was our final day in the UK but were excited that we still had two places to visit before we made our way the airport. Despite some unexpected travel delays, we finally made it to Stonehenge, another World Heritage site. To see such an iconic symbol of Britain was simply amazing. But we had one more stop to make before the airport, so we were back on the bus and shortly arrived at Windsor Castle. The sheer size of the Castle and surrounding area was breathtaking. We were also fascinated by the history of yet another iconic symbol of the UK. After walking around the Castle and the grounds, it was time to make our way to the airport for the long flight home to our family and friends. This has been an incredible trip and one that we will never forget.