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We live in a complex and ever-changing society that is at times, for all of us, difficult to navigate. Add to this the complexities of adolescence – a time where students are making choices that will impact them for the rest of their lives – and the intricacies of life can seem overwhelming.

With this in mind, a child’s social and emotional development at Years 9 and 10 becomes critically important and it is our responsibility, as teachers and parents, to adequately prepare our young people for an independent and informed life in a global community.

The 9/10 School allows us the opportunity to do this and bridges the gap between the middle years and VCE. The curriculum expands, students need to make choices about their pathways into VCE and beyond, and external social pressures intensify. With the right environment, right expectations and right demands this can be a time of immense personal development.

Our mantra is continual improvement and personal excellence – praising effort, not outcomes. It’s all about attention to detail and the sacrifices you are prepared to make. But let’s not forget that whilst always striving to do our best, we must also enjoy the journey and take the time to smell the roses. As a wise man once said, “There is too much fun to be had!”