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Senior School (Y11 – 12)

School Life

In the Senior School, focus is on the challenges of a rapidly changing future. We prepare students to engage as individuals, workers and citizens with developing capacities to deal with economic, social, political, environmental and cultural demands.

Each student belongs to a House, which is the primary source of support and guidance. The House Teacher ensures that the progress of each individual is appropriate and is the point of contact between the school and parents.

Our students require competence to manage huge quantities of information, to engage positively with change and to respond capably to the uncertainty and paradoxes of their futures.

Preparation for the VCE program commences in Year 10. At this level, we work with students to determine the academic program that best suits them. Through the dynamic and demanding curriculum and timetable, students work in their current year level or above it.

Our Year 12 students have the opportunity to enrol in Enhancement Studies, Distance Education or VET subjects, as well as to complete their VCE.

Students are empowered with the skills of social responsibility and the capacity to make significant contribution to the community and to determine the direction of their lives. Enticing them is the possibility of the fulfilment of their individual passions in environments beyond school.