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Middle School (Y5 – 8)

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The middle years of schooling, that time between Years 5 – 8, is a significant period of educational, social, emotional and physical growth. It is the period between the early years, where strong foundations are laid, and the senior years, where expertise is refined and study and career pathways are identified and pursued.

We seek to engage in and respond to the unique needs of young adolescent learners. They study a stimulating curriculum which has a continuing emphasis on developing understanding of the foundational elements, whilst at the same time causing students to reflect and consider the contribution they could make to their society. We aim to develop students’ capacity to demonstrate leadership and to encourage them to voice their reasoned opinions in relation to local, national and international issues.

Every student in the Middle School has a Learning Mentor whose role is to advocate for and support them in developing their skills and capacities as learners. They deliver the Health and Wellbeing program, which provides opportunity for students to develop their values and beliefs, and consequently their ability to make good decisions.

We provide a wide range of opportunities for our students to try new things and extend their horizons, for example in the areas of sport, the arts or community service. In the Middle School, applying effort is non-negotiable, as also is having fun. As a community we enjoy each other’s company and laugh together. The Middle School House competition, encompassing a diverse range of events such as Football, Chess, Beep Test and Performing Arts, provides a myriad of opportunities to participate and learn about ourselves and others.

We aim to provide the right blend of challenge and support, expectation and care for each student, so that they can value their learning and develop their understanding of themselves as individuals and as members of a community.