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Junior School (Prep – Y4)

School Life

In the junior years we build a bedrock foundation for learning. The curriculum provides outstanding educational opportunities in literacy, numeracy and communication skills that will help each student reach their potential. An essential element to our school is ongoing assessment to ensure that the curriculum, both content and instruction, is developmentally appropriate for individual students. Teachers track and meet individual learning needs by providing young learners with sufficient scaffolds for building knowledge that is carefully selected and sequenced.

Knowing that every interaction and experience is a learning opportunity, we consider carefully the approach we take in supporting students to develop their skills and capacities in all areas at this most important developmental stage. Our Health and Wellbeing curriculum requires students to be reflective, both at a personal level and in terms of their interactions with others. Students are encouraged to be physically active, and can participate in a range of sports both internally and in competition with other schools. All our students participate in the Performing Arts Showcase each year, and display their skills at both an individual level and in ensembles. Students are regularly challenged and required to consider their responsibilities as members of communities both inside and outside school, and engage in activities to learn more about the situation and welfare of others.

The happy, enthusiastic faces that we see in the Junior School each day provide all the evidence we need of the fun that results when learning happens!