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In the Early Learning Centre we encourage the development of the whole child. Providing a strong foundation from which children can grow to become active participants in life-long learning forms the basis of our philosophy. We provide an environment in which they feel safe and secure whilst remaining confident enough to engage in experiences and explore their surroundings.

The children are engaged in a play-based curriculum which evolves from the children’s interests and their next steps in learning. The educators in the room have a sound knowledge of individual children’s strengths and areas for development. Both indoor- and outdoor- activities and experiences are carefully planned to enable each child to work towards their next step in learning. The children are able to choose the experiences they would like to engage in and educators scaffold them when required to accommodate for individual needs. By allowing a child to have options, we implicitly communicate our belief in them and their ability. We empower children to take control of their own learning. We work in partnership with parents and the community and our program therefore also reflects these shared goals.

We believe that all children have a right to learn and are able to learn (pdf) 

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