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Planned Giving

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“It takes a noble person to plant a seed and grow a tree that will one day provide shade to those whom one may never meet.”

These words from Dr David E Trueblood are very appropriately linked to Ballarat Clarendon College’s Legacy program.

As students pass through the gates of our school, they enter a community already enhanced by the generosity of others throughout our first 150 years. In some instances, this has been the result of the foresight of a Legacy.

Your Will is an important step taken to plan for the future of your family and loved ones, and also to help support the causes you cherish. A gift in your Will to Ballarat Clarendon College is one way you can ensure the continued success of the school for future generations.

If our forebears had not planted the magnificent trees that surround our Sturt Street oval then present students would not be enjoying their shelter, providing “shade to those who one may never meet.”

There is no better time to provide for Ballarat Clarendon College in your Will than now. Individuals who inform the school of their intention to make a bequest to the school will automatically become members of the Henderson & Kennedy Circle.

Please contact Communications@Clarendon for more information or to inform the school of your most generous plans.


Jennifer McGie
email communications@clarendon.vic.edu.au
phone +61 3 5330 8200