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The Foundation at Ballarat Clarendon College was established in 1981 and has become an integral part of school life, helping to promote and ensure the long-term success of the school by facilitating financial support.

The financial support given by our supporters directly impacts the lives of our current students and ensures important projects are able to take place that are above and beyond what fee income can reasonably be expected to provide.

The aims of the Foundation are to:

  • develop and maintain strong relationships among our Alumni, Parents both current & past, Friends and Supporters;
  • foster the spirit of giving within the College community;
  • facilitate fundraising appeals that are directly in line of the school’s development plans;
  • ensure donations are directed in accordance with our donor’s wishes and donors are honoured and recognised appropriately;
  • enlist the support of the College community in support the school’s Annual Giving Program;
  • assist with scholarship allowances for the purpose of supporting students from all walks of life;
  • facilitate career mentoring and work-experience support;
  • provide print materials, works of art, educational equipment &/or archive materials donate land, buildings or assets provide company sponsorship.

The Foundation seeks to ensure that future generations are able to use, to the best advantage, the school which past generations have built.

Foundation Forms & Policies

Click here to download a Donation Form

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Jennifer McGie
email communications@clarendon.vic.edu.au
phone +61 3 5330 8200 

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