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Oscar wins Trip to Japan

Posted May 16, 2012.

Oscar wins Trip to Japan

Oscar Pinson Wins Trip to Japan: Asian Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC), July 2012 in Fukuoka, Japan

After Oscar was nominated to participate in the Asian Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC) program last year, he was chosen as one of six students to be ambassadors for Australia.

Oscar went through three interviews in Melbourne and was awarded with a very special airline ticket to join this event. He is going to meet approximately 250 eleven-year-old children from 43 regions around the Asian Pacific rim to share in an international exchange. Oscar will stay in an exchange camp with 250 other Junior Ambassadors before staying with a Japanese host family for two weeks in Fukuoka which is located on Kyu-syu, the southern island of Japan. His trip extends from July 12 to 25.

One of Oscar’s missions is to promote mutual understanding throughout the Asia-Pacific Region. Prior to departing, Oscar will attend a meeting with Cr Mark Harris, the mayor of the City of Ballarat and Catherine King, MP. Oscar remains very proud of himself and is excited to be able to represent Ballarat Clarendon College, the City of Ballarat, the State of Victoria and our nation, Australia.