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‘No Bears Allowed’

Posted November 6, 2020.

‘No Bears Allowed’

During the recent period of remote learning, our music students looked for opportunities to continue to learn and practise their instruments, despite being at home. Although playing an instrument in their bedroom wasn’t necessarily how our students envisioned that they would produce music this year, they continued to collaborate with each other to produce a collective piece.

Head of Performing Arts, Steven Belcher reflected on the challenges presented to performing arts students throughout the home learning period. “Learning an instrument requires effort, persistence, positive experiences and constant encouragement. When you get to a certain standard, playing an instrument can become relaxing, but when you’re still learning how to play, it can be hard work – especially whilst learning from home. And so, not being able to play live music with other musicians took away a key part of what learning an instrument is all about.”

However, following some creative thinking, our students and teachers found a way to work together to produce a collective piece after the challenge was put to students across the school to record a Novice Band piece. The students worked tirelessly to practise and record their individual parts, playing along to a click track. Their individual recordings were then merged together to form a full ensemble performance of ‘No Bears Allowed’.

You can listen to the collective piece here. Congratulations to all of the students, parents and teachers involved. Nothing can stop our students and teachers from doing what they love!