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NAPLAN results for Ballarat Clarendon College

Posted June 24, 2014.

NAPLAN results for Ballarat Clarendon College

David Shepherd comments on The Australian’s recent feature “Your School”

 I want to congratulate the entire Clarendon community on their contribution to the wonderful outcomes we achieve with our kids.

On Saturday the Weekend Australian published a feature “Your School” which analyses schools Australia wide on the basis of their NAPLAN outcomes.  The analysis showed that out of nearly 10,000 schools the College was:

  • Ranked No. 1 country school for the 4th year in succession.
  • 3rd ranked coeducational primary school in Australia
  • 11th ranked primary school overall in Australia
  • 6th ranked non selective co-ed school in Australia

This publicity is wonderful recognition of our hard work of students, staff and parents.

Of course this public recognition is not the reason for our work (students developing optimally is our reason for being) but it is nice to receive this sort of acclaim.

It is motivating working with you all and perhaps what is most exciting is that we have so much scope for improvement.

Two excerpts from the article highlight the College’s success

  1. Best Country School in Australia


The Nation’s Top 100 Primary Schools


In a similar feature in the Australian last year, Peter Knapp wrote

Ballarat Clarendon College in Victoria, the highest performing regional school nationally in both primary and secondary categories, is a case in point. The school systematically uses its NAPLAN data as early as possible to identify its weak points and refine its teaching programs accordingly. Rather than being the waste of time that critics would have us believe, this strategy is having a dramatic flow-on to the college’s overall academic achievement. Last year, for example, half of Ballarat Clarendon’s Year 12 students were in the top 10 per cent of the national university entrance rankings