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Middle School House Skipping Competition

Posted March 16, 2018.

Middle School House Skipping Competition


Written by Amy Walters, Year 7

The atmosphere, the tension, the spirit. This is what makes House Skipping such a success. Whether your House gets two points or twenty, there’s always something to be proud of, something that makes you feel a sense of belonging, be you in McPherson, Ross, Waters, Polson or Horner. You know you can rely on your teammates to encourage you to do the best that you can do, even if skipping is not your forte.

When you step up to the rope with your friends, there is a rush of exhilaration as you start (some might say) hula-dancing, chanting “Three, two, one…”, then “GO!” as your team surges towards the rope. If you fall, there is the initial feeling of failure, but then you remember that no one has scored yet and it is really just for fun. You and your House members devise a better strategy and get ready for the next round.

A short while later, your whole team makes the jump and sprints to the other side, screaming, but still waiting for one thing…


Mr Moloney’s yell fills the air and you jump up and down as your House erupts with noise around you. You receive thumps on the back and plentiful high-fives as you celebrate. You know that one jump is enough to give your House the win, but somehow you feel that next time you should go for two jumps…

It was your fault. You fumbled and your foot caught the rope. You don’t even have to look when you hear “NO SCORE!” from behind you to know that Mr Moloney is signalling towards you. Your team groans, but they don’t mind that it was you that missed the jump. They say that anyone could have made the mistake and that you should just jump higher next time. You love these people.

The bell goes and your team did well. You have to wait until the next Assembly to find out which House won, and the anticipation is killing you. If your House wins the skipping competition, it will put you in the overall lead.

At Assembly, everyone is tense as Mr Moloney makes his way to the podium. Once through his initial announcements, he slowly pulls out his yellow Spirex notebook. You bite your nails and think, “Just tell us already!”

Mr Moloney starts, “There is one point separating first and second. It is so close, but in the overall lead is…”

Screams emit from the people around you as your House explodes with bottled anticipation and joy. Your House is in first place! People congratulate you with high-fives and your sense of pride has never been stronger. You know that with friends by your side, you can keep the lead and win the House competition this year.

Reminiscing late that night, you come to a conclusion: the team spirit and sense of companionship is what makes Clarendon unique. You settle down for the night, playing the day over in your head; the tension, the break, the shouts, the sense of accomplishment. That is the definition of the school you love. That is why, ultimately, you can’t lose. Clarendon kids are winners, no matter what.