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Meet the Coach: Andrew James

Posted August 24, 2020.

Meet the Coach: Andrew James

Position at Clarendon: Science teacher

What do you enjoy most about coaching at Clarendon and why are you passionate about your co-curricular?

The thing I actually enjoy most about coaching is seeing the improvement in students’ skills and confidence in playing the game. I have personally been involved in volleyball playing, coaching and administrating at schools and in communities for close to 50 years. I have a passion for all aspects of the game and want to see it and its participants thrive in all settings including Clarendon of course.

What are some of your most memorable moments from coaching at Clarendon?

The most obvious memorable moments have been the successes of teams winning premierships. A few other moments have been around the excitement of individual junior students achieving their first milestones such as getting their first successful serve in during a match late in a season. This shows both their improvement and persistence to achieve.

Aside from learning about team participation and improving fitness, what are the benefits of participating in your co-curricular?

Playing volleyball is great for hand eye coordination and persistence as it uses some skills that are really foreign to many students when they start. The other great thing from a student participation perspective is that the game cannot be monopolised by a single player the way some other sports can be, and you have to learn to play in all positions on the court.

What are some of your favourite sports / hobbies?

I love all sports, particularly volleyball and cycling. I enjoy watching most sports and support Hawthorn in the AFL. If time permitted, I’d love to play more golf, and I really enjoy pottery.

What else do you like to do in your spare time? I like to travel and get to as many live footy games as possible.  If these 2 things can be combined, then even better.