Nine10 School

We live in a complex and ever-changing society that is at times, for all of us, difficult to navigate. Add to this the complexities of adolescence – a time where students are making choices that will impact them for the rest of their lives – and life might, at times, seem overwhelming.

With this in mind, a child’s social and emotional development across Years 9 and 10 becomes critically important and it is our responsibility, as teachers and parents, to adequately prepare our young people for an independent and informed life in a global community. The Nine10 School, including the Year 9 Residential Program, empowers students with the skills of social responsibility and awareness needed to actively participate in their rich and diverse communities.

The Nine10 School provides us this important opportunity and bridges the gap between the middle years and VCE. The carefully planned and sequenced knowledge-rich curriculum expands to include a number of electives in Year 9 and VCE subjects in Year 10.

Our focus is on ensuring that students are empowered to take control of their life through their education. We seek a conscious evolution of our learners where at an individual level, their skills, competencies and capacities are always being developed, where the next area of learning is always being identified and where a clear plan for learning is always being followed.

Our commitment is to continual improvement and personal excellence. And while striving to do our best, we must also enjoy the journey and take the time to laugh and have fun.

Yuulong Residential Program


From 2022, each student in Year 9 will spend 8 weeks living and learning in our residential program at Yuulong. You can learn more about the Yuulong program here.

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