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Leading the Ballarat community towards a brighter future

Posted February 12, 2021.

Leading the Ballarat community towards a brighter future

Last week, two of our four Vice School Captains, Tom Jenkins and Adele Grodzki, participated in a Committee for Ballarat breakfast where they shared their big ideas for the city with a variety of local businesses and organisations. The event was a fantastic opportunity for the students to share their voice on the development of Ballarat, while hearing diverse opinions from other students and locals. Attendees were divided into small groups to discuss their ideas, before presenting them to an audience.

Adele Grodzki & Tom Jenkins

“The conversations on my table were centred around key areas where Ballarat could improve,” said Adele. “Topics included connectivity and public transport throughout the city, as well as education for the workforce and sustainability”.

The group concluded that Ballarat citizens are moving towards more sustainably conscious lifestyles and this should be reflected in the city’s planning for the future.

“It was agreed that Ballarat should be made a centre for sustainability and renewability which is what I pitched to the audience,” said Adele. “Discussions around this idea involved implementing and utilising the energy from windfarms, along with numerous other plans”.

As well as making dynamic changes for a sustainable energy efficient Ballarat by 2030, the students also discussed supporting the more disadvantaged parts of the community.

“It was daunting at first, but the sense of community and support within the room was compelling,
 said Tom. “Within moments, discussions were underway to carve an even brighter future for Ballarat.”

The event provided students with a unique opportunity to share ideas and discuss their views on the future plans for Ballarat, while in the company of some of Ballarat’s finest leaders and committee members.

“It was amazing to have our views encouraged, supported and appreciated by people who had previously been complete strangers and were far more experienced than us in these discussions,” said Tom.

The leaders came away with a wealth of knowledge about the community and feel inspired to make Ballarat a better place through sharing their voices and spreading awareness of how others can make a difference.