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Japanese Speech Contest

Posted August 9, 2017.

Japanese Speech Contest


By Amelia Brown

On Sunday 30 July, Carmen Emery, Rebekah Koerner, Evie Peak Basso, Carolyn Fritch and I attended a Japanese Speech Contest in Geelong. At this contest, we had the task of performing two speeches – one set piece and the other that we had written ourselves. We performed both speeches to a panel of judges and the other participants.

For weeks leading up to the competition we practised constantly, often over lunchtime and Study. Chikushi Sensei and Takako Sensei helped us to understand new words and how to make our speeches fluent. We also practised at home almost to the point of driving our parents’ crazy. Our hard work paid off though, as we all received Participation Awards and I received an Encouragement Award. However, the achievement wasn’t all in the writing of our speeches. We all displayed courage and determination to even step on that stage.

This opportunity allowed us to develop a deeper understanding of Japanese language and the experience has brought us closer as peers. I recommend such an event to anyone offered the opportunity of speaking in public, especially in Japanese!