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Japan Tour: Hiroshima and Osaka

Posted July 13, 2017.

Japan Tour: Hiroshima and Osaka

Once we had said goodbye to our host families, we caught the Shinkansen (bullet train) towards Hiroshima and arrived early that afternoon. We dropped our bags off at the hotel and made our way to Miyajima. We wondered around the beach, board walks and temples, taking lots of photos and getting chased by deer who wanted to eat our guide maps! It was a really wonderful place to visit.

The next day we went to the Hiroshima Peace Park. We were lucky to have to have local University student volunteer guides as buddies on this part of the tour. We listened to a story of the bombing, by a woman who survived and experienced the tragedy first-hand. We then visited the museum and the park. This was very informative but so sad, especially seeing the damage the event had caused. We then spent time with our buddies, at a local Okonomiyaki restaurant, where we sat right next to the grill and watched them cook our food. Okonomiyaki is a savoury pancake and our meal was delicious!

It was sad leaving Hiroshima as we only had one night in the amazing, historical city, but we had a Shinkansen to catch! Osaka was our next stop…

Our first day in Osaka was awesome! We went to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) and spent the day on rides and watching shows at the Harry Potter Section of the park. This day was one of the best so far! Jasmine Green, Year 10

Our students are now in Tokyo delighting in the sights, sounds, food and shopping before they make their way home.