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Japan Tour – Blog #1

Posted July 7, 2017.

Japan Tour – Blog #1

Last Friday, we farewelled students embarking on the Japan Tour with teachers, Masako and Yoko. After arriving late into Tokyo, it was a brief night’s sleep before an early flight that would take them to Yanagawa and see them settle in with their host families for five nights. Exploring Tokyo would have to wait!

Visiting Japan not only offers our students a wonderful opportunity to explore the language and history of Japan, the cultural experience is truly second to none. The Japanese culture honours respect, formality and humility and our students will return home with an appreciation for how these are reflected in everyday life in Japan. No more were these cultural learnings evident than when our students were welcomed to the City of Yanagawa by the Mayor – what a wonderful experience!

The highlight of Yanagawa for our students was staying with their host families for five nights, where they were immersed in life within a Japanese home. Our students also attended school at Seinan High School in Fukuoka, where they enjoyed attending classes such as Calligraphy, practising their Japanese and making friends.

As our tour group moves onto Hiroshima, Osaka and Tokyo, we leave you with some journal entries from Chloe and Jasmine…

Chloe Keddy
1 July 2017 8:32 pm – After we arrived in Narita, we went to combini (convenience store) and got dinner. There were lots of delicious Japanese food. Then we went to the hotel and checked into our rooms. In the morning we woke up early to catch two buses to get to Hanada airport. At the moment we are waiting to go on the airplane to meet our host families. We are all really excited.

Jasmine Fitzpatrick
Monday 3rd July 12 noon – We were greeted by the Yanagawa Mayor and sang a Japanese song for him. He also sang a Japanese song to us in return! He was very welcoming and actually gave each of us a handmade Yanagawa まり (mari) which is a decoration for Girl’s Day in Japan! After that we went to a kimono store and we received a complementary yukata, Japanese summer kimono.

Tuesday 4th July – We are going to Fukuoka! We are all enjoying ourselves and bonding well with each other and our host families! We are also developing lots of new Japanese vocabulary.